Praise for Merri Dee

Throughout American history there have been African-American women who have achieved excellence despite all of the barriers of race and gender: Sojourner Truth, Madam C.J. Walker, Mary McLeod Bethune, Maya Angelou, Athea Gibson, Oprah Winfrey, Venus and Serena Williams, and the list goes on. One of the most unique in this pantheon is Merri Dee who beat all the odds to become successful. More importantly, she never forgot where she came from or her community. She helped raise more than $100 million to support minority students going to college. This is must reading for those who are travelling the rocky road of life and are looking for success.

- Bill Gray, former U.S. Congressman and past CEO of the United Negro College Fund

Merri Dee is a powerhouse of a woman; a mother, a mentor to many, an upstanding member of the media, a woman who seems to almost literally never sleep. She is always elegant, awe-inspiring yet humble, sweet but not weak, powerful but never arrogant. Merri represents the best o civic leaders. Chicago is blessed to be her home base.

- Richard M. Daley, former mayor of Chicago

Merri Dee has been a friend of mine for many years. Her contributions to Chicago media are unparalleled. If she had not championed the arts, my career and the careers of so many other jazz artists, would be wanting. She is without a doubt a jewel and one of Chicago’s true treasures. If I could just bottle that smile that Merri Dee has, we all would be rich forever. She is such a caring and sensitive woman. She reaches out and inspires us all with this candid memoir.

- Ramsey Lewis, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist

Merri Dee is the ultimate professional. She is generous and thoughtful and has raised so much money for great causes, especially the UNCF. She is secure and confident and enjoys sharing the stage with others. Very few celebrities are that giving, but Merri Dee lets you have your chance. She deserves all good things because of her hard work and integrity. I am delighted that she has written her extraordinary life story.

- Herb Kent, Chicago radio legend

You may see your own life in Merri Dee’s powerful memoir. Her story is bold, transparent and real. She puts it all out there with the hope of helping others live their best life possible. It is an inspiring celebration of the resilience of the human spirit – that ability to beat the odds, rise up and move on.

- Clarence Waldron. former senior editor, Jet Magazine and adjunct journalism professor, Northwestern University

Dr. Dee is a lady and dear friend whom I think has done more for mankind than the many thousands that preceded her. Thank you for being who you are. We are all blessed.

- Dr. Willie Wilson, entrepreneur and author of “What Shall I Do Next (When I Don’t Know Next What To Do)”.