Merri Dee, legendary television and radio personality, shares lessons she has learned throughout her life in this empowering memoir. Her story has long been a work in progress and only now is she finally ready to share it with the world.

With unflinching honesty, Merri takes you from her humble upbringing on Chicago’s South Side to her rise to the top as one of the most trusted names in media, philanthropy and advocacy.

In rich and heartbreaking detail, she reveals the pain of losing her mother at a young age and the horror of living with a cruel stepmother who constantly tortured her. You will see and feel every slap, shove, every punch and all the hateful words that accompanied  her  long-term child abuse.
For the first time ever, Merri admits that as an adult, she was a victim of domestic violence by a former boyfriend – a well-known R&B singer – who physically and verbally abused her during their on-again, off-again relationship.

“This is a story of grace, elegance, courage and survival. This is a story that has been waiting for the right time to be told. That time is now.”

While it doesn’t seem that things could have gotten worse for Merri, they did.  You will be shocked when you read how she found the power within herself to survive being car-jacked, kidnapped, shot twice in the head and left to die in a forest preserve. A TV guest who accompanied her that fateful night did not survive this horrific crime. While Merri was clearly meant to live, it was not an easy recovery. She was given last rites twice and spent years overcoming the physical effects of the crime, including blindness and paralysis. She spent many more years conquering paranoia and the heart-stopping fear many victims of violence often face.

Through all the pain and uncertainty in life, Merri tapped into her inner-strength and found a peace and power in faith and God’s grace. She learned how to always choose joy over pain and to triumph over tragedy. After reading this compelling book, you will gain a fresh perspective on how to overcome obstacles and find your way to a rewarding and successful life.

“Life Lessons of Faith, Forgiveness & Grace” features a foreword by internationally acclaimed recording artist, Nancy Wilson. Jazz great Ramsey Lewis, radio legend Herb Kent and former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley offer insightful comments about their time with this media icon and role model.